DroneUA has entered the top startups in the world in the field of artificial intelligence for agriculture

June 22, 2023
DroneUA has entered the top startups in the world in the field of artificial intelligence for agriculture
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The Ukrainian group of companies, DroneUA, as an international integrator of innovative unmanned solutions in the fields of robotics and data processing, has ranked 16th in the global list of best startups utilizing artificial intelligence for the agricultural industry.

The use of artificial intelligence in agriculture can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Utilizing autonomous machines with embedded artificial intelligence for performing agronomic operations.
  2. Field monitoring (monitoring crop health and development, yield estimation, pest prevention, disease detection, soil analysis, etc.).
  3. Forecasting (developing and interpreting data to improve production processes, analyzing weather and climatic conditions).

DroneUA implements diverse robotics technologies that enhance the efficiency of crop protection and nutrition in fields, plantations, or orchards. Both aerial and ground drones carry out tasks such as spraying vegetation, applying fertilizers and seeds, weed trimming, transportation of various materials, optimizing agricultural production through resource savings, high automation, and increased precision.

Additionally, we utilize specialized drones for field monitoring and measurement, creating maps for nitrogen and herbicide application, NDVI mapping, field research, analysis, and pest control.

Visual field maps are the simplest and clearest application of drones in agriculture. They provide an image of the field in regular colors, enabling examination of crop conditions, assessing field heterogeneity, and identifying problematic areas.

Research and field analysis conducted by DroneUA specialists using drones enable the following:

  • Stair counting
  • Measurement of plant area and height
  • Creation of weed development maps
  • Soil mapping to determine chemical composition and calculate proper fertilizer application
  • Crop classification based on current satellite data
  • Creation of relief maps for optimal calculation of sowing rates, fertilizer application, and field treatment planning
  • Creation of water deficit maps
  • Creation of potential yield maps for adjusting fertilizer application rates and comparing potential yields across different fields
  • Historical field analysis for tracking climate changes and identifying causes of yield reduction

Thus, the technologies implemented by DroneUA Group are based on artificial intelligence elements and align with global trends of digitization and automation in agriculture, contributing to the development of the global AgTech market. To learn about other cutting-edge startups developed by companies worldwide for agriculture, please visit the website: https://www.ai-startups.org/top/agriculture

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