A novelty of the EcoFlow brand: the PowerOcean three-phase energy independence system

May 23, 2024
A novelty of the EcoFlow brand: the PowerOcean three-phase energy independence system
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The EcoFlow brand presented a world novelty - the innovative PowerOcean stationary system of energy independence, which has high power and capacity, which will help ensure any electricity needs.

The three-phase EcoFlow PowerOcean system opens up new opportunities for business representatives, entrepreneurs, workshops, and industries whose operations require a reliable energy supply regardless of external factors. Its higher power and high-quality materials guarantee reliability for operating energy-intensive industrial equipment.

Advantages of the system:

Modularity and flexibility: PowerOcean's base capacity is 5 kWh, but it can be expanded up to 45 kWh if needed. This feature makes the system ideal for a wide range of users, from private individuals to entrepreneurs.

Power: A 3-phase hybrid inverter with a standby module provides an output power of up to 10 kW, enabling simultaneous operation of energy-intensive household appliances such as a washing machine, oven, and dishwasher.

High performance and durability: The system features LFP batteries with a 15-year warranty, ensuring excellent performance and a long service life.

Safety: An integrated BMS (Battery Management System) and an active aerosol fire protection module provide reliable protection against potential risks, including overheating.

Intelligent control through the app: Using the app enables users to monitor, manage, and optimize the energy balance in real time, as well as perform other functions that facilitate system operation.

Multilingual support: The application's support in different language versions ensures comfortable use of the system for users worldwide.


The EcoFlow PowerOcean stationary system is designed for a life independent of the central power grid. Its unique configuration and improved technical characteristics make this product stand out in the market. As a result, the system significantly simplifies business operations, eliminates downtime, and provides energy independence to its users.

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