Futurology Elevates Pennsylvania Agriculture with Drone Innovation at the Aerium Summit

May 25, 2024
Futurology Elevates Pennsylvania Agriculture with Drone Innovation at the Aerium Summit
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Unmanned technologies are rapidly transforming agriculture worldwide, becoming not only a global trend but a necessity for producers striving to enhance productivity and scale operations. The integration of scientific research and practical robotics applications forms the cornerstone for effective drone technology utilization, fostering industry growth and bolstering food security on a global scale.

Futurology, recognized for its expertise internationally, is poised to assume an essential role at The Aerium Summit, an aviation conference scheduled for May 28-30, 2024, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA. At this prestigious event, Futurology will share the stage with notable figures such as Austin Davis, Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, and leadership from Lockheed Martin, a key player in aerospace, aviation, and shipbuilding industries. 

During the pivotal panel discussion on Drones in Agriculture, Valerii Iakovenko, CEO and managing partner of Futurology, and chairman of the Agricultural Committee of the Pennsylvania Drone Association, will reveal insights into utilizing drone technology in agriculture to foster sustainable development, crucial for Pennsylvania's agricultural industry. Drawing upon its international experience and contribution to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO UN) program, Futurology serves as a catalyst for transforming the global agricultural sector through innovative collaborations leveraging aerial and ground robotics. Futurology's groundbreaking FarmFleet project, a specialized SaaS platform focusing on agrodrone spraying and offering comprehensive agricultural services, underscores the company’s commitment to advancing agricultural technology.

The forthcoming discussion will spotlight Pennsylvania's agricultural landscape, featuring distinguished panelists who will address its evolution, the potential of unmanned technologies, and methods to amplify efficiency and yield. Alongside Valerii Iakovenko, the esteemed panelists include:

  • John G Duesler Jr., serving as President of the PA Drone Association; 
  • Dr. Shirin Ghatrehsamani, an Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Pennsylvania State University; 
  • Caleb Swartz, an agriculturalist and drone innovator based in Bloomsburg, PA; 
  • Nicholas P. Matlock, an Aviation Safety Inspector specializing in emerging technologies. 

The experts will navigate through regulatory frameworks, highlight practical applications of unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture, particularly focusing on spraying drones, present case studies illustrating agricultural production optimization through drone utilization, and engage in discussions concerning safety concerns within the agricultural sector.

Initiated and coordinated by the Agricultural Committee of the PA Drone Association, this panel discussion is a dedicated effort to advance drone applications within the agricultural sector. It serves as a platform to unite experts from both industry and academia, aiming to explore the transformative role of UAV technology in the agricultural landscape. This initiative of the Agricultural Committee of the PA Drone Association aligns with the strategic goals delineated in Pennsylvania's recently released 10-Year Statewide Economic Development Strategy, endorsed by Governor Shapiro early in 2024. This strategy underscores the crucial contributions of agriculture and robotics to the state's economic advancement.

The Aerium Summit, now in its second consecutive year, serves as a nexus for exploring aviation technologies, fostering innovative opportunities, and facilitating idea exchange among experts, scientists, businessmen, and students. It brings together like-minded individuals dedicated to advancing industry development and leveraging technology for agricultural progress. Participation of Futurology in this year’s Summit marks a significant moment, as the company establishes strategic partnerships with the US industry leaders, shaping the future of innovative technologies globally.

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