Futurology, BTU, and SPRAYTEC have developed a formula for additional profit from rapeseed totaling UAH 5,817/ha. Results of the Futurology online webinar

May 30, 2024
Futurology, BTU, and SPRAYTEC have developed a formula for additional profit from rapeseed totaling UAH 5,817/ha. Results of the Futurology online webinar
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An open conversation with Futurology on the topic: "Profitable rapeseed with agricultural drones. Calculating 'no losses' in 2024" took place on May 15th, attracting approximately 100 participants from the professional agricultural community.

The co-founder and managing partner of Futurology, Valery Iakovenko, together with experts, representatives of technology companies, determined how to get UAH 5,817 of additional profit per hectare with the use of agricultural drones, glue and adjuvants?


One of the most significant advantages of using agricultural drones is the absence of wheel tracks, which can increase the harvest by up to 5%, amounting to over 200 thousand tons on a national scale. Besides post-flowering processing, agricultural drones are essential during the full ripening of rapeseed, when crop loss due to seed shedding can reach 50%. Desiccation is the only solution to prevent this, avoiding:

· uneven ripening of crops;

· development of diseases;

· increased weed infestation due to drying.

Due to the risk of significant losses associated with the operation of traditional sprayers, desiccation is better performed with the assistance of agricultural drones. The absence of physical contact with the crops eliminates losses from trampling and shedding. Anatoliy Bezolyuk, head of the agricultural department at Futurology and XAG Ukraine, presented an effective economic and mathematical model for the utilization of agricultural drones in rapeseed cultivation, including practical calculations.


Pavlo Andrusyk, the Commercial Director of Spreytek Ukraine LLC, explained the principles and technology behind the use of adjuvants. These adjuvants enhance the effectiveness of ultra-low-volume spraying by agricultural drones and collectively reduce the cost of agricultural products.

According to research conducted by Spreytek Ukraine, water savings during desiccation amounted to 150 liters per hectare. The adjuvant enhances the effectiveness of the working solution and allows for a reduction in application rates by 25-50%. Additionally, it offers several advantages: droplets become heavier and more viscous, erosion of the working solution is minimized, and both the effectiveness of the product and the coverage area are increased.


Victoria Kuzmych, Head of the BTU Expert Department, explained how to prevent rapeseed from cracking, particularly by sharing her experiences and discussing the application of bioglue with agricultural drones.

The application of bioglue on rapeseed crops using agricultural drones involves:

· up to 15% reduction in trampling and padding;

· up to 50% preservation of the crop from seed spillage;

· up to 90% reduction in the volume of the working solution without loss of efficiency.


How to generate an additional profit of UAH 5,817/ha with the assistance of agricultural drones, adhesive, and adjuvants?

Download the “Formula for Rapeseed Profitability” now!

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