Capturing the terrain using the ViDoc module and an iPhone or iPad.

June 22, 2023
Capturing the terrain using the ViDoc module and an iPhone or iPad.
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ViDoc is a mobile measuring device that transforms an iPhone or iPad into a powerful tool for photogrammetry.

How does it work?

  1. The ViDoc module is a dual-frequency GNSS receiver that can be connected to a base station or an RTK network of base stations.
  2. The device receives real-time coordinate corrections from the base stations.
  3. These coordinates are accurately correlated with the images and point cloud data captured by the phone or tablet's LiDAR sensor using the PIX4Dcatch application.

An additional bonus is that the device is equipped with rangefinders that measure the distance to the ground and objects. The combination of these technologies takes positioning during the capture process to a new level.

The terrain capture takes place within the standard free Pix4Dcatch application. The device automatically determines the positions of the images and the capture speed based on the parameters set by the user. The user simply needs to move at a uniform speed, and the system will perform the scanning automatically. Additionally, the application allows users to view the positions of the images, examine a demo image of the captured object, and assess whether the object has been fully captured or if any gaps need to be addressed during processing.

The captured data can be uploaded to a computer and processed using PIX4Dmatic or PIX4Dmapper software or downloaded to the PIX4Dcloud cloud environment. The PIX4Dcloud application has no limitations on the number of photographs.

To verify the accuracy of the measurements, DroneUA engaged experts from System Solution for research. Our colleague, Mikhail Turyanitsa, compared the data obtained using the ViDoc device with ground control points acquired by the Leica GS18 I RTK rover. The research materials can be found at the provided link.

The average deviation was up to 5 cm, excluding a few points. One significant advantage of using the ViDoc module is its speed: 14 acres were processed in 3.5 minutes of fieldwork, followed by 7 minutes of data processing, resulting in comprehensive information about the captured object. Links are provided to view the point cloud and control points (marked in red).

Conclusions: Pix4Dcatch, in combination with the ViDoc module, is a powerful yet user-friendly application that allows for quick and accurate measurement of complex objects and their parameters. Importantly, this technology allows for additional measurements to be conducted in the office without the need to return to the field. For more details and the opportunity for test use, please contact our experts, who will be happy to provide the necessary information.

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