The demand for agro-drones is growing. Results of XAG Field Demonstration in Kagarlyk, Central Ukraine

June 22, 2023
The demand for agro-drones is growing. Results of XAG Field Demonstration in Kagarlyk, Central Ukraine
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In the height of the season, the DroneUA group of companies held a field demonstration of agro-drones, during which it gathered partners, clients, and all interested farmers to once again clearly confirm the high efficiency and innovation of XAG agrotechnologies. The event took place on May 24 near Kagarlyk (Kyiv region).

Participants had the opportunity to see each stage of the implementation of XAG's unmanned innovations in agriculture under field conditions - from mission preparation to sawing, as well as to feel the expert comments from experienced practitioners of applying Plant Protection Products (PPPs) by drones. In addition, visitors were among the first to see the XAG innovations that have just appeared on the Ukrainian market.

Prospects for the agricultural season 2023

This year, the need for farmers to optimize production becomes more relevant than ever before. Due to the rapid rise in resource prices, there is a need to reduce resource consumption in every agronomic operation, including crop protection, which requires a significant amount of PPPs, water, and fuel. Advanced developments allow reducing resource costs and simultaneously improving the quality of operations.

The use of XAG agro-drones allows:

  • Save up to 90% of water resources due to the flow rate of 5-7 l/ha;
  • Reduce fuel consumption by 20 times compared to traditional ground equipment;
  • Reduce costs of products by up to 30% due to ultra-small volume droplets;
  • Exclude mechanical damage to plants (+10% yield);
  • Work without technological paths (+2-4% productive area);
  • Treat fields with complex configuration right after rain;
  • Perform operations much faster due to the mobility of the equipment.
"Considering the numerous advantages of XAG agro-drones, they are critically needed for farmers this season. Therefore, a single mechanism for obtaining permits for agro-drone flights is needed, which will simplify and accelerate the process of applying PPPs. Last year, such a mechanism was created between the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, thanks to which agro-drones could fly and the season took place. We have already held several meetings with the profile association UKAB and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine about re-working out such a mechanism. We are working on the possibility of operating agro-drones in the 2023 season for timely crop protection, planned crop yields, and support for Ukraine's economy and world food security," says Volodymyr Ogiychuk, brand manager of XAG, DroneUA

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