Futurology celebrated its anniversary in the US

July 04, 2024
Futurology celebrated its anniversary in the US
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The formation of powerful partnerships and the construction of strong intercontinental relations have become necessities in today's conditions of global challenges and rapid changes. The world does not stand still; therefore, the joint efforts of key players in the international markets

of innovative technologies are guarantees of new achievements and the development of states in all directions.

A year ago, we made the strategic decision to expand our business to North America, aiming to forge intercontinental connections and build bridges between the USA and Ukraine. This move coincided with securing investments for our projects, FarmFleet and the launch of Futurology. FarmFleet aims to introduce Ukrainian agricultural expertise to the global market, starting with the USA, while Futurology focuses on creating a foundation for future technological and component base expansion developed in Ukraine.


Over the past year, we have achieved significant milestones:

● Registered our business.

● Opened our first office.

● Hired our initial staff.

● Secured our first government contracts in the USA.

● Began collaborating with the U.S. Navy.

These accomplishments are just the beginning. Today, we represent our American company on major stages in the USA, engage in direct discussions with government representatives, and our experience gained in Europe is respected internationally. We actively collaborate with universities and local academic communities, supporting the development of new initiatives.


FarmFleet and Futurology enable us to create innovative solutions for the agricultural sector and industry. DroneUA and Futurology provide an opportunity not only to spread Ukrainian technologies, but also to transfer the production chain expertise gained in Ukraine to the USA. The slogan "Designed in Ukraine, Made in USA" is a story worthy of investment and attention. Today, Futurology is one of many Ukrainian businesses in the USA, but we are undoubtedly one of the most dynamic players.

This strategy allows to leverage the best practices of both countries, combining Ukrainian innovation with American manufacturing capabilities. Projects like Futurology significantly contribute to the technological sector, creating new jobs and strengthening economic ties between Ukraine and the USA.

Futurology is focused on establishing a foundation for future technological and component base expansion developed in Ukraine. This innovative approach opens new opportunities for global market expansion, starting with the USA.


Futurology continue to grow actively, attracting new investments and expanding partnerships in both countries. This keeps the company at the forefront of innovation and technology, supporting our efforts with tangible results and achievements.

The dynamic development of Futurology in North America positions to access substantial financial resources and relationships with financial institutions.


Futurology is among the most prominent representatives of technological diplomacy. The company's participation in international events, where we represent the community of innovators and technologists, plays a role that cannot go unnoticed.

Through our diplomatic efforts between Ukraine and the United States and our communication with local partners, we significantly influence the perception of Ukraine as a technological treasure trove of innovations for global development.

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