Presentation of XAG Brand Products at the Meeting of Futurology Agricultural Partners

June 11, 2024
Presentation of XAG Brand Products at the Meeting of Futurology Agricultural Partners
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The Futurology company presented new products from the XAG brand as part of a partnership meeting. The event brought together farmers, service companies providing drone spraying services, as well as technology companies.

During the event, visitors had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the design features of the XAG V40 sprayer drone, see the XAG P100 agricultural drone with a replaceable functional module in action, and be among the first to learn about the updated line of the XAG R150 ground robotic platform and software enhancements for XAG products already on the market.

The Most Powerful Agricultural Drone on the Market: XAG P100

The main feature of the XAG P100 is its flying platform with interchangeable functional modules:

● XAG RevoSpray: Liquid tank capacity of 40 liters.

● XAG RevoCast: Tank capacity for bulk/granulated/seeds – 60 liters.

● XAG Terra: Module for operational mapping.

Now, it is possible to switch between operations as simply as possible in the field, guaranteeing a high-quality result depending on the specifics of the operation. At the same time, the XAG P100 agricultural drone sets new performance standards.

● Total productivity: 25 ha/h

● Maximum spray productivity: up to 12 l/min of working solution

● Maximum spreading productivity: 80 kg/min

● Duration of work on one battery charge: up to 280 kg of bulk material application and up to 7 ha of processing with a working solution

Updated 2022 XAG R150 Ground Robotic Platform

At the end of 2022, XAG presented an update to the XAG R150 land-based agricultural drone line. This robotic platform can modify its design for different agricultural tasks. The multifunctional robot quickly transforms and performs a wide range of operations, including precise spraying, field inspections, weeding and trimming plants, and transportation. The drone is currently available for pre-order in three functional variations:

● The Ground drone XAG R150 2022 RevoMower is the latest modification of the ground agricultural drone, equipped with double blades for destroying weeds and trimming plants. Maximum work efficiency is ensured thanks to intelligent mowing: the power of the drone and the travel speed can be adjusted according to the thickness of the weeds.

● The Ground drone XAG R150 2022 RevoSpray is designed to protect plants from pests and diseases. It is capable of 360° spraying. Optionally, the XAG R150 agricultural drone can be equipped with the additional function of flexible installation of nozzles and rods, allowing for automation and the ability to spray a large flow of solution for more personalized crop protection scenarios.

● The Ground drone XAG R150 2022 Cargo Rack provides fast transportation of crops, grain, or fertilizers to the destination. The working platform, measuring 1080 x 1080 mm, can accommodate and withstand up to 200 kg of cargo.

Autopilot System and Thruster: XAG AutoPilot Console

This is a mobile thruster that can be equipped with the machine you need, whether it's a tractor or a sprayer, within 20 minutes. One of the main advantages of this modern equipment is its price, ranging from $3,000 to $4,000.

Novelties are available to order!

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