PIX4D has launched a new program for drone operators

May 23, 2024
PIX4D has launched a new program for drone operators
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The software provider PIX4D has released a new drone mission creation app that will help pilots optimize data collection during field operations.

The all-new PIX4Dcapture Pro comes with a new Mission Planner extension, allowing you to plan flights online directly from your web browser.

The main features of PIX4Dcapture Pro for successful flights include:

Planning missions considering terrain: By utilizing downloaded base maps or terrain models from open sources, the drone's flight path will adapt to the required altitude, ensuring relevant data collection. This results in achieving a consistent Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) and prevents gaps in 2D or 3D modeling when flying over mountainous terrain or areas with complex configurations."

Easy flight planning with offline maps: Missions can now be planned in advance using downloaded base maps. Additionally, the app will automatically download a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to enable terrain detection.

PIX4Dcapture Pro supports operation in RTK mode for accurate measurements and is compatible with the latest RTK-equipped drone models. RTK drones offer a high level of data collection accuracy, making them an ideal tool for industries that require precise measurements, such as surveying and construction.

Pix4D Mission Planner: Simple, Advanced, Reliable

Mission Planner is a new tool available with PIX4Dcloud. It enables you to plan drone flights on a computer. These missions can then be uploaded to PIX4Dcapture Pro for use on a mobile device.

Easy drone flight planning. With its user-friendly interface, this tool offers a variety of mission types, including Grid missions for surveying large areas, Cylindrical (Point of Interest) missions

for tall buildings, and Orbital missions for small buildings. This ensures that pilots have access to the tools they need to successfully complete any mission.

Reduce planning time with Mission Split. With Mission Planner, you can easily import .kml and .csv files downloaded from publicly available geospatial data sources. Once imported, Mission Split automatically calculates the number of missions needed to cover an area and generates them for the pilot in seconds. This significantly reduces planning time and helps optimize the overall flight process. Additionally, for maintenance projects, plans can be easily saved and duplicated using the tool's Duplicate feature.

Maximum efficiency and scalability. With Mission Planner, projects can be planned in the office and managed centrally, enabling basic decisions to be made before flights.

With the new PIX4Dcapture Pro app and Mission Planner tool, drone pilots can now focus on creating mission plans to efficiently optimize data collection.

For now, you can download the app from the link and test its free beta version.



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