Agricultural drones increase the profitability of rapeseed. Results of the practical conference by DroneUA

June 22, 2023
Agricultural drones increase the profitability of rapeseed. Results of the practical conference by DroneUA
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During the active phase of development of one of the most marginal and strategically important cultures - rapeseed, it is important to choose the right strategy for crop processing. After all, proper care for this demanding crop is a prerequisite for a high yield. Therefore, in the height of the season, the DroneUA group of companies held a practical conference "Increasing the profitability of rapeseed with agro-drones. Harvest of 2023 without losses". The event took place on May 26 at the International Precision Farming Center AgriLab in Boryspil region (Kyiv region).

Experts from the agricultural industry gathered at the event and shared their own experience of growing rapeseed with a proven and efficient protection technology, in particular using agro-drones.

Today, robotics in agriculture is not just innovative technology that simplifies and accelerates operations. It is an irreplaceable tool for growing the maximum crop with minimal costs. Resource conservation is a requirement of the time. Therefore, Ukrainian farmers critically need agro-drones. Integrating them into crop protection provides an efficient technology for applying plant protection products and the most careful care for the culture. This is especially relevant for rapeseed, which is very sensitive to losses. Past experience has demonstrated the demand for this crop in the agricultural market and the prospects for its export to Europe.

According to Igor Garo, head of the breeding and variety testing department of the DSV Ukraine company, the global production of 2022/23 rapeseed grain is projected to be 76.2 million tons. However, it should be borne in mind that rapeseed crops, due to various stresses, can suffer significant losses:

  • loss of plants;
  • loss of leaves;
  • reduction of buds;
  • reduction of leaf area;
  • reduced pollination;
  • flower fall;
  • seed reduction;
  • shattering of pods.

Significant losses in growing rapeseed occur due to diseases and pests. To avoid this, it is necessary to timely and correctly perform all operations for care and protection of crops. However, when processing fields with traditional wheeled equipment, farmers encounter such problems as trampling of crops (up to 10% of productive area) and soil compaction, which reduces the availability of nutrients even with their high presence in the soil and reduces crop yields by at least 20%. The use of agro-drones allows you to avoid all these problems and at the same time spend less money.

Application of growth regulators, adhesives, and desiccants with agro-drones

To ensure that winter rapeseed enters winter in the right phase of development (without overgrowth or death), growth regulators are used. They are also needed in the spring to prevent rapid growth and lodging of crops. To carry out these operations as effectively as possible and maintain high crop quality, it is advisable to use agro-drones.

Despite the fact that often at the time of harvest, rapeseed plants have different levels of maturity. As the seeds of the upper tier mature, the pods of the lower tier crack and the seeds spill onto the ground. If you wait for the full maturation of the seeds, losses in unfavorable weather conditions can reach 50% of the crop or more.

For premature cracking of pods, it is necessary to apply an adhesive that creates a polymer membrane that is not washed off by rain and prevents cracking and spilling of seeds. The film is very elastic and can stretch as the pod grows. When using the product, the seeds in the pods mature evenly over two weeks, after which you can harvest.

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